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quinta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2004

Wake Up Thoughts

Acordei hoje com o Jeff [Buckley] a cantarolar-me letras de um desespero sereno, como quem aguarda a morte com a tranquilidade do amor. E enquanto pronunciarem o nosso nome, jamais morreremos.

I once was open, and one with a travelling heart.
I loved this sweet guy.
Just like a fiction rushing in your riverbed,
Arise like applause in my head.
And in the half-light, where we both stand
This is the half-light, see me as I am.
Just like the ocean, always in love with the moon,
It's overflowing now, inside you.
We fly right over the minds of so many in pain
We are the smile of light that brings them rain.
In the half-light, where we both stand
In the half-light, you saw me as I am.
I am a railroad track abandoned
With the sunset forgetting I ever happened,
That I ever happened.


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